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A millenary city

full of history.

We are located in the magical town of Machu Picchu. Once you have arrived at the train station, take the exit to the main road “Alameda de los Artesanos”. A few meters away you will find our hotel.

If you have a reservation and have indicated your arrival time to Machu Picchu Pueblo, our personal guide will be very happy to pick you up from the station and accompany you and your luggage to the hotel.

  1. Jaya Machu Picchu – Calle Los Artesanos
  2. ATM  Caja Cusco – Calle Los Artesanos
  3. Artisan Market – Alameda Los Artesanos
  4. ATM Scotiabank – (next to train station)
  5. Tran Station
  6. Bus to Machu Picchu  – Av. Hermanos Ayar